If you love someone, tell them every time

I would recommend that if you love someone, tell them every time. Take this opportunity while it’s with you. This is what the actor Krastyu Lafazanov said on the broadcast of “On Focus” on Nova TV, moved by the memory of his wife Elena Nacheva, who passed away recently.

He shares that he always feels her with him, and his children are currently reminding him of her. “We’ve been together since we were students. My mother chose her. We played with her in the shows “Intimate Conversations About That Matter” and “For Idiots Who Stick Each Other in the Eye”. She’s much more talented than me, she’s always been behind me , she always supported me. She made a play out of the things that excite us. She didn’t like to talk about her personal life. Next to me was a very strong and very good person. Beautiful, sunny,” he recalled. His grandchildren are 6 and 4 years old, in them he finds confidence.

“People stopped me in the streets and hugged me. I felt their support and love,” he reveals

Lafazanov has made the crowd laugh countless times over the years. According to him, there should always be chemistry in an artistic couple – like his with Maya Novoselska.

The two are behind the cult show “The Street”. “The humor is the same, the little man remained small. Maybe the street is sadder. Sasho Morfov creates an incredible atmosphere and spirit. People love his shows. They are played for a long time because they don’t leave you indifferent,” he thinks.


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