If we don’t stop, things will come to a third world war

There are data that countries bordering Belarus are planning provocations and are almost preparing to seize parts of its territory. This is precisely why President Alexander Lukashenko held meetings with the security forces and an anti-terrorist operation regime has been announced in Belarus, the country’s foreign minister, Vladimir Makei, points out. in an interview published today for the Russian newspaper “Izvestia”.

“Today, unfortunately, the world has become so unpredictable that we cannot trust anyone,” says the senior Belarusian diplomat. Such signals should not remain without an adequate reaction, he points out and assures: “That is why the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus, law enforcement agencies, and special services are ready to fight back against any possible provocations by the neighboring countries.”

Alexander Lukashenko on Monday accused Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine of preparing terrorist attacks and riots in Belarus. He also announced that he has an agreement with Moscow for the deployment of a joint regional troop grouping.

Polish President Andrzej Duda said he would be interested in having American nuclear weapons deployed in Poland, Mackay recalled in the interview, stressing that “these are not just words.”

There is a clear intention here to create another hotbed of tension near our borders. And of course, we cannot close our eyes to this, states the Belarusian statesman, according to whom the heads of state of Belarus and Russia have also discussed the possible retaliatory deployment of nuclear weapons, BTA reported.

According to the minister, the politicians from the neighboring countries “are not ready to develop normal relations with Belarus” – a manifestation of “short-sightedness” on the part of the political elites there.

Such great figures as Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer passed away, Angela Merkel retired. All today’s leaders are incapable of making strategic decisions, of stopping, thinking and deciding what is more important in a given situation. Today we have to think about the main issue affecting security: how to protect our region and the planet. If we do not stop, things will certainly come to a third world war, which of course we do not want, warns the foreign minister of Belarus.


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