Identical twins, mud and the half-naked Bella Hadid: How fashion provoked the Internet

From the Gucci twins to Balenciaga’s muddy catwalk and Balmain’s 3,000-strong festival crowd, the presentation of the latest collections of the luxury brands this season felt more like a series of spectacular spectacles than a formulaic display of clothes and accessories.

“There was a feeling that everyone should do something special. Not that it was required, but it was definitely seen as a plus,” lingerie designer Laura Seidel told Vogue.

The numbers show she’s right. According to analytics on Instagram impressions, engagement on reviews-related posts was 65.8% higher with the opening of Fashion Week.

The rate on Weibo is also on the rise, registering a 28.6% increase over the past seven days, and on TikTok, engagement growth for short fashion videos has jumped 5.8%.

To put it bluntly, the latest fashion season became one of the most covered on social media in some time, and this led to a number of virial videos and loud statements that followers followed closely online.

Brands turned their focus to innovative show concepts and discovered that, in addition to influencers, in 2022 they may also rely on long-neglected provocative creative visions to reach more people and, consequently, to mark greater advertising reach. for your new clothes.

This, of course, does not mean that the power and influence of influencers and celebrities has suddenly evaporated. For the spring/summer 2023 season, the popular personalities remained part of the fashion landscape, but this time they did not just sit and watch the show, but were active participants in the challenges that the designers came up with for the public.

You can see the most interesting and popular moments on social networks in the gallery.


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