“Ian” – the most dangerous storm in the history of the USA, sharks swim in the streets

Hurricane Ian hit the state of Florida with deadly speed and caused catastrophic damage. Millions are without electricity, homes are completely underwater, in which sharks brought by the elements swim in places. The US president urged residents to evacuate while they still can.

Gale force winds of up to 240 km/h and biblical torrential rains over the southwest coast of the state of Florida. Hurricane Ian is one of the strongest storms in American history and continues to move inland.

The hurricane even “brought” sharks to the local subway and flooded streets. And a reporter found himself in the eye of the storm during a live broadcast: “Give me a second. I’m fine, I’m fine.”

An element like this happens once every 20 years, forecasters warn.

“Hurricane Ian is and will continue to be a very dangerous and life-threatening storm. Residents of Florida along the coast are already feeling the painful effects of the storm” commented Dean Criswell of FEMA.

Nearly two and a half million people in 12 Florida counties have been evacuated. Authorities are advising anyone who was unable to escape in time to lock themselves in their homes and secure them. And US President Joe Biden urged residents to heed all warnings related to the storm.

See more in Zdravko Cherkezov’s report.

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