“I would wear her dress to the wedding” – is Victoria Beckham a mother-in-law?

The 4 million dollar wedding of Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz in April became one of the social events of 2022 and in terms of glamor and splendor can argue with another legendary wedding – that of the groom’s parents – David and Victoria Beckham.

The three-day event took place at the estate of the bride’s father, billionaire investor Nelson Peltz, in Palm Beach, Florida.

The actress was gorgeous in her Valentino wedding dress.

Yes, to Valentino, not to his mother-in-law Victoria, who has her own fashion line and has been a designer since 2008.

Rumors of a feud between the two famous families, and most notably between the mother-in-law and the bride-to-be, surfaced on schedule just months after the lavish event.

After the wedding, both young people adopted each other’s last name, and now both Nicola and Brooklyn bear the names Peltz Beckham.

The eldest son of the football legend and Posh Spice lives in the US and is close with his mother and father-in-law, and evil tongues, according to Page Six, claim that he has not spoken to his parents in months.

The drama started even before the wedding, and the bride isolated her future mother-in-law from the preparations. The two have stopped talking, which has led to tension between Brooklyn and his parents.

Recently, Nicola poured water into the rumor mill by posting a tearful photo of herself on Instagram, to which she explained that it was difficult for her to show her sad side. She wrote that growing up with two ambitious parents and 7 siblings made her “really strong” and she doesn’t let people upset and hurt her.

“We all have days when there are people who make us feel bad,” she wrote enigmatically, and Victoria became the prime suspect.

Page Six even claims that the feud has grown to the two families estranged from each other. Nicola planned to launch her own fashion line “Peltz Beckham”, which her mother-in-law did not like at all. In fact, this is also the reason why both young people share the same surname – the brand.

To top it off, Brooklyn has started to get too close to Peltz, which Victoria takes seriously.

To diffuse the tension, the two spoke to Variety and Nicola commented on the “cold war” for the first time. According to her, the rumors started precisely because she walked down the aisle wearing Valentino and not Victoria Beckham.

“I was going to wear her dress, I really wanted to, but a few months before the deadline, she found out that her atelier would not succeed and I had to choose another option,” Nikola explained.

“She didn’t say – you can’t wear it, I didn’t say I didn’t want her dress. That’s where it started,” the actress believes.

Brooklyn, who has a lot of experience with media attention and the spotlight, adds that he knows how quickly gossip spreads and how to deal with it.

“I know they’re always going to try to write stuff like that. They’re always going to try and upset people, but in the end it all ends, which is good,” he added.

The two do not mention that there are any problems between the two families, but have decided to share their surnames to demonstrate their relationship and as a way to turn over a new page. “The idea was to start fresh and it would be great to have kids — little Peltz Beckhams — running around,” Brooklyn explains.

Brooklyn is 4 years younger than his wife. At 23, he already claims to have found his calling – in cooking. As a child, he tried to follow in his father’s footsteps, but his football career ended at the age of 16 when he was released by Arsenal.

Attempts as a model followed, then he studied photography, but gave that up as well. Through the pandemic and the lockdowns, he claims to have discovered his true vocation – cooking – in front of the camera and for the family. “I was looking for the thing I would die for and I found it – cooking,” says the young man.

Last year, Brooklyn started posting videos of herself making pasta and beef wellingtons on Instagram, and now she tells Variety that she wants to combine the two. “I’d love to have my own pub, make my own sauces, knives, pans and pots. I want to have a show on TV and one day open a pub in Los Angeles serving healthy versions of soul food. And maybe like the restaurant itself was part of a TV show,” explains Brooklyn.

He’s even about to launch his own sauce this year. Probably with a little help from dad Nelson Peltz, who, in addition to his other businesses, also owns a stake in the fast-food chain Wendy’s.


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