I thought there was no way he could be a director in the league

I thought it wouldn’t be possible when I was told that Mika Stoichkova was becoming a director in a professional football league.

But the Stoichkova family are active, they want changes in Bulgarian football. I’m sure it will be interesting.

This is how Krasimir Balakov commented on the appointment of Hristo Stoichkov’s daughter. Balakov spoke on “This Sunday” on BBC. And he made it clear that after a year off, he expects to start a new project, which, according to him, will allow him to give more to his native football. But he didn’t specify which one.

As the coach of the national team, he prepared a 10-year plan on how to revive this sport, but nothing of it was fulfilled – it sank into a drawer.

The BFS cannot cope alone, the state must allocate a budget for sports, because at the moment it is the smallest of all countries in the EU, Balakov is emphatic. In football, for example, in Germany, every team, regardless of which group it is in, has a stadium in which to train, he gave an example. We also need competition, and only “Ludogorets” in recent years is the team that is moving forward, Balakov added.

One of the main reasons for the problems is the lack of children’s and youth schools and training, which his generation had in sports schools, believes the legend from USA 94.


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