‘I lied about having cancer so we wouldn’t have sex’ – terrifying allegations against Giggs – Curious

The scandal surrounding football legend Ryan Giggs is getting sicker by the day. Kate Greville has accused the legendary Manchester United player of physical and mental abuse and revealed horrifying details of their relationship.

At first, the lawyers of the legend Ryan Giggs claimed that Kate deliberately stopped taking birth control in order to get pregnant by him.

Defense lawyer Christopher Doe showed the court the messages that Kate exchanged with friends, in which she wrote, among other things, that she “will not leave with nothing”.

The messages were sent after Greville said she needed advice on how to leave Giggs after she allegedly found evidence on his iPad that he had affairs with eight other women during their relationship.

“I needed a secret escape plan so he couldn’t find me, so he wouldn’t bother me,” Greville said.

The claim that she wanted to get pregnant with Giggs was vehemently denied by Greville, who said it was absolutely false.

She told the court that those messages were sent to a friend saying she was going to get the IUD out that day and told Giggs she was going to hospital for a Pap test because, she told him, the test was discovered cancer cells. But she actually took out her mascara.

“I took out my IUD and wanted an STD test. I wanted to get it off my back. I totally regret saying it, but I had to say something to get him off my back and leave me alone. “I told him about the cancer so I wouldn’t have sex with him,” she claims.

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