“I just remember there was a lot of alcohol, Queen was playing and we were dancing”

In Australia, Aryna Sabalenka achieved something that had long been expected of her – to win a Grand Slam title. Immediately after the victory, the Belarusian went to celebrate the success with her staff, unable to hold back her tears.

Anton Dubrov has been her coach for almost three years, and the results of their joint work are already clearly visible. Sabalenka triumphed in Melbourne after beating Elena Rybakina 4-6 6-3 6-4. Before that, Sabalenka also won the warm-up tournament in Adelaide to start 2023 in a truly perfect way.

Dubrov revealed that Sabalenka herself did not relax much after the triumph, but the entire staff compensated and they organized a serious party in honor of the victory.

“It was noisy. I don’t remember everything. I know we danced,” Dubrov told “”. the trophy was with us and we sang a lot.

What were we listening to? Very Queen. But there were also quite a few Belarusian songs. It was interesting.”

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko congratulated Sabalenka on her victory, sipping a shot of vodka in the company of local businessman and former tennis federation president Sergey Teterin.

This is a tradition for Lukashenko. In 2012, after Victoria Azarenka triumphed at the Australian Open, she toasted with a hot tea cocktail.

Of course, Sabalenka also received congratulations from the current president of the federation and other figures in leadership positions in the country, as well as many relatives, friends and fans.

Dubrov could not hide his emotions during the final. The coach admits that he is quite emotional, but this does not lead to scandals with Arina. She is much more rational. “We always talk after matches. There is a discussion. She herself demands it. She tells me: “Speak. Even if I am furious with her, after just a few seconds and two or three jokes I understand that this is not the right approach – he admits. –

I’m still reeling from the finale. I woke up the next morning and still couldn’t believe we won. I think it will last me a few more days. I’m still very emotional, my eyes are filling up – I don’t know what’s going on, if it’s some hormones, but I still can’t control myself.”

After Australia, Sabalenka will miss the tournament in Doha, but will play in Dubai. According to Dubrov, the Belarusian is not yet ready to top the WTA ranking, where the first place is currently held by Iga Šviontek, but she is on the right track and this could happen very soon.

“The most important thing we’re discussing right now is, ‘Yeah, well, we’ve won a Slam title, but what can we do from here to make you even better?’

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