“I don’t think about titles anymore, only how to live without pain”

The great tennis player of the recent past, Juan Martin Del Potro, no longer thinks about titles and achievements, but about how to get used to the constant pain in his legs.

The Argentine made sad confessions about his life after the forced suspension from tennis.

The brilliant talent and 2009 US Open champion had the qualities to achieve much more, but injuries prevented him from doing so.

His career ended in February of this year, but even after that, his pain is constant even with mild attempts to run or climb stairs.

“This is my reality. It’s very hard, it’s very sad, but I’m constantly trying to find a way to improve. I can only walk. Running is impossible, even on a trail, and climbing stairs is accompanied by hellish pain. Swimming attempts also end in pain,” admitted Del Potro.

“I no longer think about titles, but only how to improve my condition in order to live without pain. I was recently in Switzerland with another doctor and started a new treatment. Many colleagues recommended it to me, but at this stage I do not feel any improvement”.

“After each attempt, my heart is broken. The options are always a new type of treatment or another operation. I believe in any new type of treatment, but sometimes I feel like a fool. Life without tennis is very difficult, especially for my psyche.”

“I speak to many colleagues who have given up. They admit that it took them at least two years to get used to the new way of life. I was third in the world when my knees suddenly gave out. They are devastated, and I was left with nothing,” he added The 34-year-old Del Potro.


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