I don’t mean what I said on the radio. I respect him immensely

Fernando Alonso; photo: Georgi Todorov/LAP

Fernando Alonso stated that he would apologize to Lewis Hamilton because of the insult he said on the radio last weekend. On the first lap after the start of the Belgian Grand Prix, the seven-time world champion tried to overtake the Alpin driver. It came to a blow and the Englishman dropped. In the immediate aftermath of the impact, Alonso called his rival an “idiot” and said he was used to racing on the forehead alone. Hamilton said he didn’t leave enough room and it was his fault. After the final at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, Alonso also said that what happened was a racing accident.

“No, we haven’t seen each other yet, but I hope to today. When we get to the TV interviews I will go to him and apologize. I have absolutely no problem with him, I respect him immensely,” Alonso said

The Spaniard is convinced that the huge coverage of the incident was caused by the fact that he said something to a British pilot. The two-time champion has long floated the theory that the British media aggressively defends drivers from their homeland.

“First, it’s about Lewis – he’s a champion, a legend of our sport. And also, I’m sorry to repeat it, but if something about a British pilot, there’s a huge media response. If someone says something to a contestant with Latin roots, things are significantly funnier. If it is for others, they are more serious. But anyway, I’ll apologize. I don’t think any blame can be laid because I watched the replay – it’s a first lap accident, we’re all so close together. It happens in the middle of the fight, the moment is full of adrenaline, the fight is for first positions and that’s why I said something that shouldn’t be done,” explained Alonso.

The Alpin pilot added that even after the Spa final he stated that the situation was a racing incident

“The moment you turn on the radio, you think you’re talking to your engineer. And when something happens, you share the emotion with your colleague. Yes, you have to be aware that it can be broadcast, but it’s just like some of the sharper clashes in football. I don’t mean what I said on the radio. I will be very quiet from now on. In this sport, they are already broadcasting things that should remain between the pilot and his team. So I’ll try to stay quiet more and not be a part of a show I don’t agree with. It’s a sport and I don’t think radio announcements should be broadcast. These words are the spice of the show. They don’t release “engage differential position five” because that’s not interesting. I understand, but unfortunately the solution is to keep quiet,” concluded Alonso, who also drove through Mercedes, where Hamilton had left him an autographed hat.

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