I didn’t want to take any chances. I waited for a suitable opportunity, but one did not appear

Charles Leclerc; photo: Viktor Alekyan

Charles Leclerc tried to stay as close as possible to Sergio Perezlooking for a suitable opportunity to pass the Red Bull driver, which did not appear until the end of the Singapore Grand Prixexplained the Ferrari driver himself.

“I was quite surprised (by the pace at the end) because I think when I got out of the DRS zone Cecco’s tires started to work like people. Unfortunately, I fell behind then. Before that, things were on the edge.”

“In such conditions, moving in the dirty air flow and such conditions, the smallest mistake leads to serious consequences. And I messed up several times. I was trying to be as close as possible because I had to try to overtake on the right. However, I didn’t want to take a risk because I didn’t know how the track was on the inside,” commented Leclerc.

“In one lap I was really close. Then I thought if I should not try. But it wasn’t worth it. I was waiting for a suitable opportunity, but unfortunately it didn’t come until the final.”

Leclerc said Ferrari will analyze their pace because of when the F1-75 enters its operating window compared to the Red Bull RB18.

“The Red Bull cars seem to be going very, very well after six or seven laps. We are going strong in the first six or seven rounds,” explained Charles.

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