‘I Did Something Freaky’: Fans Are Convinced Grimes Got Elf Ears

Grimes will not tire of making her appearance more and more unusual.

After getting “alien” tattoos on her back, the singer is now hinting that she may have implanted elf ears.

She mentioned something like this on her Twitter account about a month ago, when she asked her followers if anyone had gone through a similar procedure and if they could refer her to someone who could make her vampire teeth.

“As a musician, I find the procedure risky, but I’ve wanted it my whole life,” Grimes also wrote of elf ears.

The reason is that hearing is extremely important for musicians, and the singer fears that healing after such an operation will be difficult. One of the first to respond to Grimes’ tweet was the father of her two children, Elon Musk, who wisely noted that the downsides of getting elf ears probably outweigh the upsides.

To this, the singer replies that perhaps the most suitable for the purpose is the gene modification technology CRISPR, but she was born several generations before such a thing could happen.

The discussion below continues with advice for Grimes to use fillers to achieve the desired ear shape, or to buy fake elf ears from a costume shop. “I got these once and they were surprisingly well made,” advises a follower of the artist.

Another user mentions that getting elf ears is a hit in China and is currently among the most popular plastic surgeries.

A month has passed since that discussion, and Grimes has released a photo of himself, accompanied by the words “I did something crazy.”

The shot suggests that she’s had some sort of plastic surgery because her head is wrapped in a bandage and her face looks quite puffy. The photo looks as if the singer is even still on the operating table and took her first selfie after the anesthesia.

However, it is not certain whether there are elf ears under the bandage, or another idea of ​​the eccentric performer.

However, it is clear that she is actively preparing for the presentation of her new album, which she announced is completely ready. Grimes broke the news again on Twitter, adding that the album’s final song was recorded in a plastic surgery clinic because she wasn’t allowed to go to the studio.

She also clarifies that the album contains 20 tracks, so it will most likely be split into two parts, although the format is still being worked out.

Grimes also writes that one of the themes of her new songs is “militarized courtesans with artificial intelligence.”

Recently, the Canadian singer has been extremely active on social platforms, where she admits that earlier in the year she went through severe medical problems and that she even came close to death. She also spoke openly to NME about being a victim of harassment by journalists, who are constantly trying to get hold of her children and hence Elon Musk.

β€œLeave my children alone!” Grimes declared. “Don’t hook up kids who can’t read and give consent, it’s outrageous. Don’t reveal where I live and don’t share my personal information,” she added.

As for the plastic surgery – her fans are completely convinced that she was afraid and made elf ears.

“I can’t focus on the party because all I can think about is Grimes’ elf ears,” one of her Twitter followers said.


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