“I can’t bear this damned thing!”: Pen angers King Charles III again (VIDEO)

“I can’t bear this damned thing!”: Pen angers King Charles III again (VIDEO)

Britain’s King Charles III appeared frustrated by a leaking pen during his visit to Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland, Reuters reported.

The King and his wife Camilla attended a reception at the castle. At the end of the ceremony, he was supposed to sign a book but complained about the pen he was using.

His wife assumed it was leaking and the pen was quickly replaced by a royal aide before Queen Consort Camilla also signed the book.

Charles III to the royal aide:

Charles III: “I just have to put… Is it September 12?”
“The 13th, sir.”
Charles III: “Oh my God, I wrote down the wrong date. The 13th?”
“Yes sir.”
Camila: “You signed earlier on the 12th.”
Charles III: “Oh God, I hate it! I can’t stand the damned thing! What they do every time!”

This is the second time King Charles III has hit the headlines for a pen. On Saturday, he was officially announced as Britain’s new monarch in a historic ceremony at St James’s Palace. During the signing ceremony, Charles was seen instructing his assistant to remove the tray of pens from his desk before continuing to put pen to paper.

King Charles III is on a tour of the four corners of the United Kingdom and arrived in Northern Ireland today. Hundreds of people lined the street leading to Hillsborough Castle, the official residence of the royal family in Northern Ireland, not far from Belfast. The area in front of the castle gates was strewn with hundreds of flowers.

Charles and his wife Camilla got out of their car to greet the crowd and shook hands with people, including schoolchildren in bright blue uniforms. Charles even petted a corgi, a representative of his mother’s favorite dog breed.