I am ashamed because of such “Russophiles” in Bulgaria

I am ashamed because of the Russophiles in Bulgaria. And more precisely: I am ashamed because of those “Russophiles” on whose behalf Nikolai Malinov speaks. Because I know there are others, there are. People who are attached to good Russia with its great culture, with scientists and thinkers, with the wonderful Russian language and the notorious Russian soul. People who – for better or for worse – are subject to the “mystery wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”, as Churchill defined Russia.

The Bulgarian people supported Russia, but it did not happen to politicians

The leader of the PP “Russophiles for the Revival of the Fatherland” Nikolay Malinov was a guest a few days ago on the popular TV program of the Russian First Channel “The Big Game” (actually he was not a guest – he was at home because he is the official representative of the television in question in Bulgaria ). Mr. Malinov speaks Russian well, but that ends my list of compliments for him. As far as I understand, the former MP from the BSP joined the show with the self-confidence that he could make important weapon-strategic and political contributions to the success of the “special operation”, as he calls Russia’s war of conquest against Ukraine.

Contribution one: American Abrams tanks are weaker than Russian ones. Mr. Malinov knew this from his military service in Bulgaria in 1987-1988.

Contribution two: After Germany delivers its Leopard-2 tanks to Ukraine, American Abrams will be deployed in Europe, as a result of which the US will dominate the European market.

Contribution three: Russia, even without nuclear weapons, can destroy the military infrastructure of all of Europe in just hours.

Contribution four: The Bulgarian people support Russia, but they have come across bad politicians who lie to them and play along with Washington’s whistle.

In connection with this contribution in the studio of the “Big Game” there was a joyful excitement, because it turned out that not only the numerous Bulgarian people, but all of Asia, Africa, Latin America and in general two thirds of the world support Vladimir Putin and his war.

Rumen Radev was also given a few minutes

Need I add that the show was pumped with warmongering rhetoric and the cameras looked at dark men with bloodthirsty expressions who probably recited mind-blowing lies and propaganda clich├ęs from the heart? It is hardly necessary to mention one more thing: it was not by chance that Bulgarian President Rumen Radev came across this conveyor belt, whose “consistent” position against military aid to Ukraine was respectfully devoted to several minutes. And because it was about lies: the host of the show, without batting an eye, informed the viewers that the interview with Radev on “Darik” had already been deleted. Understand: deleted from the archives at the behest of the Euro-Atlantic matchmakers in Sofia. The interview in question is in excellent health and full length, one click away – but the First Channel audience doesn’t know it…

To return to the leader of the PP “Russophiles for the Revival of the Fatherland”, who is on trial for espionage in favor of the Russian Federation: is Putin, who pinned him with a glorious order, is the GRU-FSB-SVR, is the entire Russian historical claim not managed to find something more convincing, something more talented and intelligent than this smiling Malinov in a suit who speaks Russian well?

That is why I am ashamed because of the Russophiles in Bulgaria. Because whoever has chosen such friends in Bulgaria does not need enemies.


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