Huge success: Nikola Tsolov is champion in Formula 4

The Bulgarian Nikola Tsolov is the champion in the Spanish Formula 4.

Homegrown motorsport talent secured his title round before the end with one third and two second places over the race weekend at the Navarra circuit in Spain.

Tsolov, who is a driver for the Campos Racing team, has 331 points, and regardless of his ranking in the three starts in Catalonia in November, he will not be able to catch up with his main competitor Hugh Barter of Australia, who has 223 points.

Barter managed to win all three starts at Navarre this weekend, but it won’t be enough for him because of the dominance that Nikola Tsolov had in the middle of the season, winning eight races in a row.

In the first race, Tsolov finished in third place, and in the second race, which was seriously shortened due to an accident and a safety car, the native talent finished second.

Even before the accident he was closely behind Hugh Barter, and after the restart of the race he tried a serious attack, but unfortunately failed.

In the last start of the weekend, Tsolov already knew that he was driving for the championship title and with a brilliant performance he took second place, which was enough for the Bulgarian to be declared the champion of the Spanish Formula 4.

The title is a huge success for Bulgarian sport, and such an achievement undoubtedly increases the chances of the 15-year-old Tsolov to be a Formula 3 pilot very soon, as are the expectations for his development.

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