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A big scandal is about to break out in Formula 1. On Friday, a number of media in Italy and Germany wrote that Red Bull broke one of the main rules – the budget ceiling for the teams. Gadzeta dello Sport and Auto Motor und Sport report that two of the teams have been caught over budget, which should have been 145 million euros last year.

According to Corriere dello Sport, Red Bull spent 148.6 million, and according to others, the budget was exceeded by 5 million. The other team caught in breach by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) is Aston Martin.

According to Gadzeta dello Sport, Ferrari and Mercedes have already requested a penalty for Red Bull. Scuderia boss Mattia Binoto suggests there is a budget overrun this season as well. Mercedes director Toto Wolff directly appealed to the FIA ​​for action.

“The budget cap is the most important rule change that gives teams a level playing field and prevents the top teams from spending more. The FIA, especially the president Mohammed bin Sulayem, has shown a rather firm stance on enforcing all regulations. So if we’re talking about something big now, he’s going to show the same integrity and leadership that he did before,” Wolff said.

After all that day of speculation and passing the ball from one field to another, the FIA ​​came out with an official position on what was happening.

“The FIA ​​notes the considerable and unsubstantiated speculation and conjecture surrounding this matter and reiterates that the assessment is ongoing and due process will be followed without regard to external discussions,” the FIA ​​said in a statement.

The report itself on the expenses of all teams in Formula 1 in 2021 is expected to be published next week on October 5.

If rule violations are proven, penalties will follow the process written in the rulebook. It says that if a team has exceeded the budget by less than 5%, this is considered a minor violation, but it can also be penalized with the withdrawal of points, a ban from participating in certain competitions, restrictions on the work of car, as well as a further reduction of the budget.

However, if the violation is more than 5%, which at a cap of 145 million in 2021 equals 7.25 million dollars, the penalties become much more serious. If the FIA ​​actually decides to impose a penalty of deducting points, Max Verstappen’s world title may be taken away. However, this is unlikely, as the 2021 season was the first in which the budget cap was in effect.

Several teams have reported that the offense was more serious, but according to the BBC, the FIA ​​is trying to make it appear less serious to avoid serious penalties. A senior official, speaking on condition of anonymity, says going over budget is an offense similar to taking doping.

The director of Red Bull – Christian Horner, said that all the information is “only speculation”.

“We are not aware of any violations. The accounts were given in March, we went through a long process with the FIA ​​which is ongoing,” said Horner.

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