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Hristo Krusharski, who is still a major shareholder in Lokomotiv Plovdiv, told “Mach Telegraf” what is happening in Argentina, where he is at the moment after the loss of Lionel Messi and company from Saudi Arabia at the World Cup in Qatar.

“I have never seen such grief! The mourning continues today. It’s very heavy. Complete dead body. World agencies and social networks are full of photos. It’s hard to describe in words. There is no such roar… During the match, which was at 7 am local time, not a single dog could be found on the streets. The working day was postponed. I have 40 workers in the factory and it is hard for me to see them so broken. They came as if for a funeral. Whoever hasn’t been here, he doesn’t know what football is like in Argentina, Brazil, where I’m going next week, and all over South America. I spoke several times recently with the deputy mayor in Mendoza. He convinced me that the people of Argentina were not worried about inflation or any crises as long as Argentina was making money. I was convinced he was right. At the moment, however, the shock has literally blocked the entire country. They cry as if the president had died. Degrading!” testified the popular businessman.

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He did, however, witness a talent camp he saw on Monday.

“There was an organized camp for children from 7 to 12 years old at a small stadium with three training fields, the likes of which Loko Plovdiv does not yet have. There must have been 100 buses that brought over a thousand participants. I couldn’t see everything because I had other commitments, but the kids were watched by coaches and club scouts from all over the country. I’m sure some of them will be the next nationals. It would be nice if our teams also create bases to attract children. The scale may be different, but the effect will certainly be positive,” Krusharski also told “Mach Teleglaf”.

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