Hristo Grozev: Putin may fall soon and this is bad news

There are risks that Russian President Vladimir Putin will be quickly removed from office. But in that case, power could be seized by hawks who want a major world war. This was stated by the head of the Bellingcat investigative group, Hristo Grozev, to the Ukrainian FREEDOM.

According to him, Putin currently has no strategy for advancing the occupying forces and “must rewrite it every day.”

“He should work directly with the warlords,” he said.

“The worst scenario is if the “hawks” seize political power in Moscow. There is a risk that the wing that insists on full mobilization will take power. This is the worst scenario for the whole world,” said Grozev.

At the same time, the journalist believes that the option in which Putin loses power slowly is better.

The activation of the “hawks” in Putin’s entourage is evidenced by the unpunished criticism of the commander-in-chief’s actions on social networks by a number of Russian bloggers.

“We see that this extreme wing is gaining more and more courage. Their supporters, including Girkin-Strelkov, are beginning to criticize Putin more and more openly. They are increasingly saying that they should bomb the West as well, not just the “center for decision-making”. They continue to write, they are free – so these people have patrons. I think this is a rather dangerous scenario”, said Grozev.

Asked if there is a successor to Putin, the Bulgarian journalist admits that the first deputy head of the GRU, Vladimir Alekseev, may see himself as the president.


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