How to design more responsible ads?

How to design more responsible ads?

Is responsible advertising possible?

Advertising and responsibility, antagonists? Not necessarily. Patagonia, the eco-designed clothing company is a “a pioneering company in responsible communicationintroduces Alex Jubien, entrepreneur and speaker, on the occasion of One to One in Biarritz, on October 6th. The founder of Patagonia participated in the creation of 1% for the Planet (federation of companies that donate 1% of their turnover to environmental organizations, editor’s note): it’s not just communication, it’s is also commitment. The model notably inspired Faguo in its creation and in the creation in 2019 of Make Friday Green Again, an alternative to Black Friday. The initiative brings together 1,200 brands. Proof that we cannot save the world alone”says Alex Jubien, who adds: “Greenwashing is not a bad intention, but a lack of skills”. Update on 3 possible strategies to make your advertising more responsible.

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