How to activate an eSIM on your Android smartphone or iPhone?

After explaining to you what an eSIM is, it’s time to move on to activating this virtual card. It’s not very complicated, you’ll see, but you have to follow a few steps, otherwise the eSIM becomes unusable and must be redeemed.

eSIM on an iPhone

To get started, make sure you have a compatible iPhone on hand; Apple introduced the technology on the XS models and later. You must also be connected to a Wi-Fi network, except in the case of an iPhone 14 purchased in the USA, since these are 100% eSIM.

To activate your eSIM card, everything happens in the Settings. Go to the “Cellular data” setting and then look for the “Add eSIM card” tab which is normally found under your carrier settings. To configure the eSIM, you have two choices.

  • The first is the transfer from a nearby iPhone: this is what you will need to use if you already had an eSIM in your old iPhone and you want to transfer this plan to your new terminal.
  • In the case of a completely new activation, the option “Use a QR code” must be selected. This QR code is provided to you by your operator or by the service that sold you an eSIM plan. The process is then automatic and all you have to do is wait for the activation by the iPhone. Simple !

With some operators, it is even possible to convert your physical SIM to an eSIM. In this case, the iPhone detects that there is going to be a change and the “Convert to eSIM” button appears automatically. Just click on it and let yourself be guided.

The eSIM on an Android smartphone

On Android smartphones, the process is much the same – and fortunately. First make sure your device is eSIM compatible. Generally, these are more high-end models, but sometimes manufacturers allow themselves to offer this technology on the mid-range. To check if your Android terminal is eSIM compatible, it is generally sufficient to go to the network management tab. Some interfaces immediately indicate that an eSIM can be activated. Otherwise, it is best to refer to the technical data sheet of your device.

To activate your eSIM, you will need to go to “Settings” then to the “Connection”, “Network and Internet” or “Mobile network” tab, depending on the manufacturer of your smartphone. Anyway, it is often the setting that is at the very top.

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