How long will we put up with this madness? The time of patience for indifference, sloppiness, incompetence and unprincipledness is over – BG Football – efbet League

Incompetence, ineptitude, indifference, ignorance? Or rather self-interest and arrogance? Have the BFS and Borislav Mihailov created their own world, in which the feeling of impunity obviously prevails? A world devoid of ethics, morality, rules, principles, correctness and humanity. But in the end, on reflection, it doesn’t really matter what dictated the managerial bankruptcy of our football powerhouse.

It is important to note that with their unproductive actions, Borislav Mihailov and the BFS prevent the development of native football. And enough with these excuses!

In the BFS, everyone else is to blame. The only person who always gets away with it is Mihailov. At this point, most of the criticism is aimed at the chairman of the Judicial Commission, Victor Kasai. Undoubtedly, Kasai has been a total failure as under his leadership the officiating is weak to say the least.
But who gave consent for Kasai? Once again, the development of football remains in the background.

A sketch of a knee from Mihailov and several of his most faithful avers such as Lechkov and Kostadinov. In front of the people, we will appoint a foreigner as head of the SC. Here, look, he is not Bulgarian and no one will interfere in his work. Only, it quickly becomes clear that Kasai’s last concern is the Bulgarian refereeing. Kasai is nothing but a “waterfall boss”.

It wouldn’t be a big surprise if he was aware of the plan beforehand and was aware that his mission was to temporarily blind people’s eyes. But what does he care, after Mihaylov has made sure that the Hungarian receives a fat salary. Money that could have been put to much better use.

Kasai can do anything else, but not the referee’s uniforms. I bet he hasn’t even learned the names of the Bulgarian referees yet. Let alone familiar with their qualities and skills. Otherwise, he would not tolerate referees like Stanimir Trenchev, Volen Chinkov, etc., who have no place in Bulgarian football.

In general, the BFS is not built on a principled basis, but on sycophancy, collusion and compromises. Borislav Mihailov wonders whom to please. It is so vulnerable that it passes at the slightest pressure. The clubs are not to blame for protecting their interests, even though they often go too far. The fault lies with the BFS because they often make inadequate decisions and violate their own rules. Inevitably one compromise leads to another and thus there is no stopping.

In the football headquarters, with few exceptions, specialists are not sought and appointed, who with their knowledge and skills may be useful. Mihailov surrounds himself with people who are ready to do anything to protect his personal interests. Even at the risk of becoming ridiculous. They accept his personal benefit as a cause. They don’t care that they are causing serious damage to Bulgarian football.

Just look at how far our football powerhouse has come. In an attempt to cover up its management weakness, BFS, on the personal initiative of the president Borislav Mihailov, formed a Public Council, which will include “deserving football figures and experts” such as Hristo Portochanov, Anton Popov, etc., whose main goal is to support the president’s activities. Another attempt to blur responsibility. A complete mockery!

We have already understood that the clubs, the coaches, the players and who else are to blame. It got to the point that the BFS management attacked their own players. It rains ridiculous excuses and enthusiastic promises of a bright future. The coaches of the national team are doormats and they change to pieces…
However, the truth is quite different. Borislav Mihailov is to blame for the bad state of the national team and parts of Bulgarian football. The question is when will he bear his responsibility?!

For the fact that our national team is digging the bottom. And that for 17 years the BFS has not created a single meaningful program to support youth football and the development of coaches who work with adolescents. The headquarters has a 20 million annual budget, with a large part coming from UEFA. How are these funds managed? Instead of investing in the sports infrastructure, we fill the throats of people like Kasai and dozens of other foodies who drink coffee all day in Boyana. And how does this person repay us? By telling us that he doesn’t care that the Bulgarian clubs are completely cut by the judges in Europe. He doesn’t care, but for the home clubs the money from the European tournaments is important.

In the background of all this, our children pay fees to train and do so on artificial pitches at best…

However, Mihailov obviously doesn’t care. The important thing is that he is having fun on the back of Bulgarian football. He is driving us crazy by telling us that it is a great success that the BFS has provided good hotels and food for the footballers. And the construction of several small pitches with artificial grass is presented as an unprecedented success.

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