How long will they mock and crush us, and we will remain silent?! What is Kasai appointed for? – BG Football – efbet League

As much as the topic of referees is unpleasant for us to comment on, we cannot help but pay attention to the brutal damage done to our club teams and national teams in Europe in recent times. They make fun of us, crush us, and we keep quiet.

See what kind of felling it was during the two matches of Ludogorets against Dinamo Zagreb. Without any hesitation, they cut off the head of the “eagles”. In Razgrad, Sotiriu goes out alone against the goalkeeper, a defender catches him with his hand, but nothing follows. Sorry for the harsh language, but the referee will see the foul which is a red card. There is also VAR, but everyone is silent. In Zagreb – three expelled Ludogorets footballers, as two of them – Dominic Yankov and Rick Jonathan, rather exaggerated. They give a non-existent penalty to the hosts and to top it off they save two red cards for Dynamo players.

Brutal referee damage did not pass CSKA either. You probably remember how the referees became the main actors and bear the blame for the relegation of CSKA from Zorya (Lugansk) a few years ago. In the rematch in Ukraine, the head referee missed a clear penalty for the “reds”, which allowed Zorya to organize a counterattack, during which Turitsov fouled an opposing player, for which he was sent off.

The picture is similar when Bulgaria plays as well – a head-to-head slaughter that does not go beyond our youth and junior teams. There is no point in wasting our time listing individual matches as they are not one or two.

More importantly, why is the BFS management not taking any measures to protect our club teams. It turns out that all sports federations have a certain lobby in Europe and do everything in their power to make their clubs prosper. And we stand with our arms crossed and wait for the next slap. We just hope it’s lighter and every few years we somehow get away with it.

Are we Europeans playing it? We will not comment or complain about the refereeing. We will be above things when it costs us nothing. It doesn’t cost you anything, but the clubs are losing millions. European teams don’t do that when they are hurt. On the contrary – they fight to the last and look after their own interest.

Dear gentlemen from the BFS, this is not how it is done. We should not stand by and watch seir, but fight tooth and nail, and defend the clubs when we see them being totally damaged. As much strength as we have, if we have any left at all.

No one is telling the refs to push us, but we shouldn’t let them throw us out of tournaments.

Why should the owners of the Bulgarian clubs spend money on quality additions and strive to build strong teams? It makes no sense at all.

Why did the BFS appoint the head of the judges – Viktor Kasai, who must be getting a bag of money. Does he not see what is happening with the Bulgarian clubs in Europe? Let him pay some attention to the heads of the headquarters and advise them on what actions to take. We took him because he enjoys great authority in the Judicial Commission of the European headquarters. It does not appear at all that his appointment is justified.

We took it well, but the refereeing in Bulgaria has not changed at all. If it doesn’t work, let the BFS turn to a person who wants to work and, above all, has the necessary qualities to improve refereeing.

And finally – it is very important to note that the damage to Ludogorets also affects all other Bulgarian teams. If the “Eagles” had reached the groups of the Champions League, each club from the efbet League would have received at least 160 thousand euros from the “Solidarity” Fund. The clubs from the Second and Third Leagues will also receive serious funds. However, this could have happened if Borislav Mihailov and Viktor Kasai did their job, defending their hometown clubs.

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