How long will incompetent referees try to spoil the matches? – BG Football – Sesame Cup of Bulgaria

Ludogorets and Levski played two matches against each other within a few days. Both meetings were at a high level by Bulgarian standards. We can only wish for more such football battles. This will raise the level of native football. An excellent six for both teams who tried to outplay each other and brought delight to the football fan.

However, the head referee Georgi Davidov tried to spoil the otherwise interesting match. Extremely inaccurate judgment and a double arshin in the handball situations in the penalty area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLudogorets and Levski. Davydov did not show the same arshin in identical situations. First, Van der Kaap blocked the ball, then the ball hit the hand of the Dutch defender of the “blues”, but the referee did not give a penalty.

In the second situation, Vardon blocked a shot with his foot, then the ball hit his hand. This time there was a penalty.

Elementary – either in both situations a penalty kick is played, or in both situations no penalty kick is awarded. Even if he makes a mistake, he will show the same arshin.

According to the new rules, however, in both cases, a penalty must be played.

It is very urgent that the chairman of the SC of the BFS Viktor Kasai take measures against the refereeing. SK admits that referees make a lot of mistakes and some of them do not get to play elite matches, but does nothing. At the very least – to impose a uniform criterion for handball in the penalty area, because no one knows when it is and when it is not. The teams are in complete shock.

Otherwise – among the New Year the old song in a new voice.

Weak judges like Georgi Dividov will argue on the pitches and the sense of justice will increasingly evaporate…

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