How instead of 3 million in 4 years, Jordan wears 3 million every 5 hours on Nike

$3 million over 4 years. That’s exactly what Nike hoped to generate from their contract with Michael Jordan back in 1984.

At the time, the legend still didn’t have a single title with the Chicago Bulls, but David Folks and Phil Knight had an ambitious vision for Nike’s future that would be closely tied to Jordan’s image.

But the sports giant’s revenue from the contract with the Air Force today is incomparably higher.

According to the very greatest basketball player in history, MJ is also unattainable as a businessman. Jordan earns much more as a “retiree” than in his years on the floor.

These days, the basketball legend earns $150 million a year just from his contract with Nike for the iconic Air Jordans. And Nike earns much more from this deal – 15 million dollars per day, which means that they pay Jordan’s commission in about ten days.

Thanks to this “golden” contract, Air takes 5% of the revenue from the sales of each Jordan brand item.

And that’s the amount Jordan takes home from his Nike contract alone, and MJ also owns shares in the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets, as well as several other businesses, including a beginner golf club. The airline owns several restaurants and its own car dealership.


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