How do Ukrainian refugees welcome Christmas in our country?

Far from home, driven out by the war from their homeland, many Ukrainian refugees will welcome Christmas in hotels along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Where they took refuge after evacuating from the war in Ukraine.

9-year-old Lena from Kyiv is waiting for Santa Claus. She prepared a gift for him and warned him that instead of home, she would be waiting for him in Sunny Beach, where she and her mother had found refuge. However, she asked him for an unusual gift.

“This year I wished for peace. I really want to return to Ukraine and everything will be normal,” says Lena from Kyiv.

“The mood, of course, is not very festive, because the situation in Ukraine is very worrying. But we will try to celebrate for the sake of the children, to make them feel good,” explained Marina Prihodska, Lena’s mother.

Ekaterina prepares a traditional Ukrainian dish for the Christmas table:

“At the moment we are preparing “Kutilo”. It is rice porridge, nuts and candies for decoration and fruit. When everything is mixed, it turns out very tasty”.

But between the songs and the preparation of the table, Alla is worried about her parents in Kyiv, who will celebrate Christmas there, but not at all in a festive atmosphere.

“They will make their own holiday. Just like our children make it themselves here. And we hope to be home with them next Christmas”.

“The greatest gift will be to welcome the sunrise and the sunset peacefully. Christmas trees should not be installed on the underground subway stations, as is now the case in my city in Ukraine. Our children should not hide in the dark anymore, and stand by candles in the cold “, adds Elena Sarokina from Kharkiv to BNT.

Far from home, but keeping the warmth of Christmas coziness, Ukrainian refugees will pray for peace on Christmas Day.


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