How Dilyana Popova found out she was pregnant

Dilyana Popova poses for a charity calendar with her more than curious childhood photo. It is evident from her that she was a great beauty from a young age, and the model herself finds many similarities between her “child copy” and the grown-up son Boril.

In a special video for the “Do it” campaign, she also talks about the moment she found out she was going to be a mother: “I walked into a store that smelled really good, of fragrances that I really love, and I felt sick as hell and I went out. So I was already convinced that this was the sign”.

Dilyana has wanted to become a mother since she was 22 years old, but she came to the decision when she felt that the moment had come. She is one of the news ambassadors of Ivan and Andrei’s campaign – “Do it”. Its goal is to promote the birth rate in Bulgaria, and among the other persons are Neli Hadzhiyska and Petya Dikova; actresses Ani Papadopoulou, Louisa Grigorova and Evelyn Kostova; singers Santra and Maria Ilieva; TV presenter and businesswoman – Yuliana Doncheva; the model Slavena Vatova.

All the ladies have filmed a special charity calendar which is now on sale and the funds from it will be used for the purposes of the campaign. Here’s what it consists of: Every couple who conceived a new life in 2022 can register on the website www.napravigo.bg and 20 families will win a “Baby DNA Package” with everything they need for the first year of their children’s life – food , diapers, clothes, accessories, cosmetics, toys, stroller, medical care, etc.


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