How a teacher from the Caucasus became a VIP escort-translator for Ronaldo, Casillas and Roberto Carlos

How a teacher from the Caucasus became a VIP escort-translator for Ronaldo, Casillas and Roberto Carlos

“While working during the World Cup, I realized that football is not just a game. For some, it is their whole life.”

Imagine that you are an English teacher in a provincial town in Russia. Did you imagine it? Yes, but let’s dream a little. Let’s say you have the opportunity to go to Moscow and be chosen as one of the interpreters for the World Cup. To translate and accompany people like Ronaldo Nazario, Roberto Carlos, Iker Casillas and others to the stadiums.

Dreams? For more of us – yes. An opportunity like this doesn’t come along every day, much less in front of everyone. But he found himself in front of Lara Sabanchieva during the 2018 World Cup. Having previously worked in the USA, Lara returned to her native Nalchik in the heart of the Caucasus to teach English. In the summer of 2018, however, he dropped everything and went to Moscow with the dream of helping with the organization of the forum.

Arrived in Moscow just two days before the opening. She is ready for anything to find a job related to the World. He writes to the organizing committee, arranges meetings, contacts the official website of the championship.

“On June 10, 2018, I left my job and went to Moscow to look for something to do besides the World Cup! – says Lara. – I dreamed of this for seven years. I dreamed of watching the final of the World Cup, of being part of the people in the crowded stadiums, I dreamed of singing the Russian national anthem with thousands more of my compatriots.

The championship started on June 14 and I had four days. I knew that the most interesting positions were already taken, but I still took the risk. I told everyone I knew that I was going to work at the Worlds without having a job lined up at all! My inner voice told me to go.

On June 11 and 12, I went for interviews, but I didn’t like anything. I began to despair and accept that I would stay in Moscow for a week or two and have to go home. But just then my phone rang, and a woman’s voice on the other end said, “Good evening, Lara! Are you still looking for a job near the World?

“Of course!” I shouted. 40 minutes later I was on the 35th floor of a building for an interview. I was joined by 30 other equally enthusiastic people. The director came in and explained that we were lucky because at the last minute the organizers decided to hire extra translators to work for the VIP guests and show them around.

At the individual interview, they asked me why they should choose me, and I began to list: because I have experience, I have worked abroad, I also worked on the organization of the Olympics in Sochi in 2014, I have experience working with foreign journalists, I know English perfect and i love soccer! And the most important – I want to be a part of the World Cup held in my country and make all foreigners pleasantly surprised by the organization and make Russia proud!

The longest three hours of my life followed. I looked at my phone every five minutes and finally got the message: “You’ve been hired as an escort-interpreter for the World Cup! Congratulations! We are waiting for you tomorrow at exactly 8 in the morning at our offices.”

Not only does Lara work as a translator and talk to some of the biggest names in the history of football such as Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos and Iker Casillas (how much do Real Madrid fans envy her?), but she also watches many of the matches live at the stadium completely free of charge !

“For the final, I stretched out in a comfortable chair with a cocktail in my hand and shouted for France! – the Russian woman also tells. – God is my witness, I will tell these stories to my great-grandchildren to teach them that they should never stop dream.”