Honda does not want to kill its sports cars in the name of carbon neutrality

For lovers of affordable motorsport, the current period is endlessly boring: Peugeot has stopped its GTIs, Ford will abandon its Fiesta – and with it, no doubt, the exploitation of the RS crest – and Renault will no doubt do the same. in 2023, even if Alpine is supposed to take over… all-electric, however. However, all hope is not out of the question since, according to the chief engineer of the Civic Type R, Honda will not abandon sports cars.

In an interview with the English magazine CoachHideki Kakinuma said: “Without Type R, there is no Honda“. And to explain that the Japanese manufacturer “strongly believes that driving pleasure is part of the essence of personal mobility.”

Hideki Kakinuma, however, remains realistic about the current context, in which the automotive industry must meet stricter rules that force manufacturers to embrace electrification: “Due to carbon neutrality and very strict emission regulations, it is very difficult to think of a sports model in this context.

Without type R no Honda

Honda nevertheless seems to regard these obstacles as “new challenges to offer its customers unspoiled driving pleasure.With that in mind, Hideki Kakinuma told the British magazine that the manufacturer remains committed to producing more Type Rs, while suggesting there may even be enough time for a performance car with a combustion engine.

Indeed, according to the chief engineer, carbon neutrality can still be achieved with a car with an internal combustion engine, provided you turn to synthetic fuels. As a reminder, Yamaha, BMW and the VW group are experimenting with combustion engines powered by e-fuels, and Toyota is even racing hydrogen-powered cars like the Corolla H2. The problem, for the moment, is that the manufacture of these synthetic fuels is expensive, but also polluting, since in the case of hydrogen it mainly comes from the steam reforming of methane, which is a source of carbon monoxide and dioxide. , greenhouse gases.

Without type R no Honda

However, Hideki Kakinuma qualifies by stating “that a Type R doesn’t have to have a gasoline engine, since an electric or hybrid car can still earn that badge, as long as it’s exciting to drive“…a claim that echoes a reflection by Honda Motor Europe technical adviser Ko Yamamoto, who did not rule out a plug-in hybrid Civic Type R based on the recently launched model.

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