Home Alone actor Devin Rattray is under investigation for rape

Actor Devin Rattray, known for playing Macaulay Culkin’s brother in Home Alone, is under investigation for alleged rape.

CNN reports that Rattray, who played Buzz in the classic 1990 film and its sequel, has been accused by Lisa Smith of raping her in 2017.

According to CNN, Smith publicly accused Rattray after he was charged with domestic violence in December 2021 over an incident in Oklahoma involving his then-girlfriend.

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“When I saw he was accused of assaulting another woman, I knew I had to do everything I could to stop him from hurting more women.”Smith said.

Lisa claims she and Rattray have been platonic friends for 15 years, and recalls feeling dizzy one night in September 2017 after drinking a drink Rattray gave her. She believes she was drugged and then raped.

“I remember being awake and I couldn’t move. I couldn’t open my eyes, but I could hear what was happening and feel what was happening.” “I knew the other two were gone but I was still sitting on the sofa”says Smith.

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At the time, she initially did not want to report the incident, but eventually contacted the NYPD weeks later. After accepting it, Smith now says detectives mistakenly thought she didn’t want to press charges.

Despite detectives’ reports that she did not want to press charges, Smith still flew to New York to be questioned by the Manhattan district attorney’s office.

Rattray denies Smith’s claims. He stated that he remembered the night in question, but claimed that there was no rape. “We haven’t had sexhe says.

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