Holland has a transfer clause to Real in 2024

There is a clause in Erling Holland’s contract with Manchester City that will allow him to move to Real Madrid in 2024.

The sensational revelation was made by the former soccer player of the Spanish great Fernando Sanz, who is also the son of the ex-president of Real Lorenzo Sanz.

In a television interview, he revealed that his information was confirmed by the most reliable source.

“The information I have is that there is a clause for Holland to leave in the second year, and the interesting thing is that there is one club specifically listed as a potential buyer who will have preferential terms. This is Real Madrid. The clause is at the insistence of Holland is completely official. So in 2024, Real will be able to activate it and attract him without a problem,” explained Fernando Sanz.

The information is sensational, as until now the newspaper Marca had only reported release clauses of 200 million euros in 2024 and 175 million in 2025. However, it is now clear that these conditions do not apply to Real, who will be able to pay quite a bit less to attract Holland.

Interestingly, the same formula the Norwegian used to leave Dortmund for €70 million and Salzburg in 2019 for €20 million.

Sans’ revelation added fuel to the fire that Holland’s father, Alfie, had ignited. A few days ago, he said that his son wants to prove himself in all the major championships of Europe and does not plan to stay long at City.

“I think that Erling wants to test his abilities in all leagues. He can stay in England for a maximum of 2.5 years. He was already in Germany, so Spain, Italy and France remain in his career,” shared Alfie Holland.

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