Hisense Adopts Auto Dosing on HV693C60AD Dishwasher

Hisense has unveiled its HV693C60AD dishwasher, a built-in model that can accommodate an XXL load of 16 place settings in its tub equipped with three baskets, three washing arms and an interior light. This comfortable capacity, which is rarely encountered, is not its only asset.

The manufacturer has also provided it with an automatic detergent dispenser, called Autodose. This technology, now widespread in the world of washing machines, was adapted to a dishwasher for the first time by Beko with the DDN48430AD. A similar system has been developed by Miele, using a proprietary refill, the PowerDisk. However, like Beko’s AutoDosing technology, Hisense’s allows the use of completely standard products, sold commercially. A little extra of the HV693C60AD product tray, it can be removed from its location to facilitate filling.

As an integrated dishwasher, the control panel of the HV693C60AD is located on the upper edge of the door to maintain the harmony of the kitchen fronts. Thanks to it, the user is able to select one of the seven programs offered, including an automatic cycle which continues washing as long as the dishes are not clean. It is a turbidity sensor which analyzes the transparency of the water and therefore decides to continue or stop the operation according to the information received. No screen is provided on the door of the dishwasher, and it is thanks to a light projected on the floor that the user is informed of the progress of the washing cycle.

In the twilight of 2023, Hisense could not overlook connected features. You can therefore pair the dishwasher with a smartphone to extend the possibilities of the household appliance: download specific programs, set up a cycle remotely, monitor water and electricity consumption, user manual, notification of key steps in the washing process…

It’s nothing new, but at the end of the cycle, the door of the HV693C60AD dishwasher automatically opens to let in fresh air. The latter, in contact with warmer air in the tank, creates a phenomenon of convection to improve drying. Finally, the technical sheet of the Hisense HV693C60AD promises a sound level of 42 dB (A), which can even go down to 40 dB (A) by engaging the night mode.

The Hisense HV693C60AD dishwasher should be available early next year for an as yet unknown price. Note that a free-standing version will be marketed at the end of 2022 for €899 under the reference HS693C60XAD.

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