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A survey on brand engagement conducted in February 2022 by Cision and Le Club des Annonceurs among 507 communication and marketing professionals shed light on the eco-responsible efforts undertaken by Tech companies.

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While Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne suggested that companies establish energy “sobriety plans” in September in order to avoid “serious economic and social consequences”, the study led by Cision and Le Club des Annonceurs presenting the various societal and environmental commitments of industries draws up an unequivocal observation: Tech companies are the most responsible. The health crisis has raised awareness among these societies. According to the survey, 4 in 10 tech companies have changed their engagement strategies following the planetary shock caused by the epidemic, while among other industries, only 1 in 3 say they have changed their habits. Additionally, only 17% of Tech see brand engagement as just a marketing trend, compared to 27% for other companies.

Tech companies unanimous on CSR

More edifying figures: 100% of tech marketers and communicators believe that a company should have a societal and/or environmental role. This idea is still shared by 97% of other companies. Tech respondents also consider all of the commitments made by their companies to be legitimate. Similarly, 78% of Tech industries believe that a brand must make commitments to survive, while 24% of their counterparts say the opposite. Neck and neck in terms of the concrete actions initiated in terms of environmental and societal commitment, Tech stands out for the number of dedicated CSR units (67% compared to 59%). The development strategies impacted by this idea of ​​responsibility are nevertheless less important among Tech companies. Indeed, more than half of all industries have impacted strategies compared to 47% in Tech.

People at the heart of the commitment of Tech players

Almost twice as many Tech companies comply with precise and concrete specifications to monitor ESG (environmental, social and governance) indicators. They are 46% in the Tech sector and only 25% among other players. The motivation for engagement driven by Tech industries is more human-oriented. Indeed, to the question “if you had to choose only one, what would be the priority commitment carried by your company”, they are 33% to answer the well-being of the employees whereas only 21% of their counterparts opt for the same answer. The other sectors are rather concerned about the climate emergency and the reduction of the carbon footprint. Finally, Tech players are more successful in measuring the impact of their engagement strategy: 20% of them say they succeed in determining an ROE (return on engagement), i.e. 2.5 times more compared to the average of other companies.

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