High tension in Paris: Ramos prevented a fight between Neymar and Mbappe

All of France has been dealing with the problems at Paris Saint-Germain in recent days, namely the tension between the two stars in the team, Kylian Mbappe and Neymar.

Not a day goes by without some information coming out of the locker room, and the latest sounds incredible. After the match against Montpellier, when Neymar denied Mbappe a penalty, the situation threatened to get out of hand.

After the end of the match in the dressing room, Mbappé tried to seek a direct confrontation with Neymar, but Sergio Ramos managed to calm them down and extinguish the tension.

The next day, the two entered the clinch again and the Spanish international interfered again, now with the help of Marquinhos.

Later, Ramos convinced Neymar to accept the decision, Mbappe to be the main starting penalty taker, so that there would be no problems in the team. Neymar would hardly accept such a thing, but time will tell what happens.

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