Herman Miller and Logitech team up again with the Vantum gaming chair

After a first successful collaboration with the special Embody version, Herman Miller and Logitech are back in business. The result is the seat gaming Vantum, completely new.

Ergonomics adapted for gamers

Forming a perfect 90° angle, this seat has been entirely designed around the movements that players can make during their sessions. Thus, the Vantum knows how to adapt to the posture adopted. It follows the shapes of gamerwhich is very pleasant in the long run.

The seat has been developed to support the lower back, neck and head with a headrest that can be adjusted to multiple angles to prevent neck pain. The back support supports the lower back and pelvis, preventing slouching throughout the day. Many other settings are adjustable on the Vantum, such as armrest height and seat tilt.

Herman Miller indicates that his model is padded with a “34.9% robust textile”, composed of 25.8% post-consumer and 9.1% pre-consumer recycled fibres. The cushion is flexible and the mesh that makes up the backrest is strong enough to hold the occupant properly.

The Vantum is displayed in three colors (white, black or red) at a price of 995 €, which places it well below the Embody and the Aeron. However, it is a bit more expensive than the Sayl model. other models gaming exist, but not stamped Logitech. As always with Herman Miller, the Vantum claims a pretty crazy longevity since the product is covered by a 12-year warranty. Note that 90% of the seat is fully recyclable.

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