Here are the zodiac signs with the lowest IQ

All astrology lovers know that our sign affects our character and abilities. If some are gifted with special intelligence, this is not true for all. And when it comes to IQ, we’re not all the same. This applies with particular force to these signs in astrology that we will present to you. If you are part of them, know that it is always possible to fix it.


So we start with Aquarius. He is known for being quite shy. And this is understandable, since he is not one to reveal his feelings, much less his knowledge. Therefore, he can easily pass for a person whose IQ is quite low, even if he has very high potential.


Aquarius is clearly not the only one who is considered quite damaged. There are also many Aries in astrology. Passionate, direct and not very diplomatic, he is often brutally frank. But that direct side is quickly lost when it comes to expressing your know-how! In fact, this sign prefers to keep its knowledge to itself. Enough to allow him to achieve his goals and focus on what he does best: winning!


Sagittarius is not always very intelligent. Yet this sign in astrology is just as gifted as the others. His only drawback will be that he dreams a lot and is therefore not very expressive. Especially since he prefers to keep his thoughts to themselves rather than put them on display.


Another sign in astrology that we will talk about: Leo. Those born under this sign in astrology are superstars! And if you think they have a lower IQ than the rest, you couldn’t be more wrong. Just know that he prefers to work alone and keep most of his knowledge for those who deserve it.


Capricorn is also part of this ranking, because they often keep everything to themselves and do not share their thoughts with people. Like Sagittarius, they won’t want to talk too much about what they know unless they have to. However, analysis is his forte.


Taurus is also one of those people who don’t like to flaunt their knowledge too much. In spite of everything, know that he is gifted with a very great empathy and therefore understands faster than others.

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