Head to head comparison: Delonghi Magnifica ESAM 3000 B vs Melitta Purista

If the prices of automatic coffee makers with grinder tend to fall, they remain for the most part rather imposing machines. The Magnifica ESAM 3000 B and the Melitta Purista box in the same category at this level. The first is however a little wider — but less deep — than the second; however, both will find their place easily on a work surface.

Plastic, not necessarily fantastic…

Given the price positions of our two competitors, you should not expect noble materials. In either case, we forget the metal – plastic reigns supreme – and the little extra things like the lighting under the coffee dispensing nozzles to illuminate the cup. Good point, on the Melitta as on the Delonghi they can be lowered or raised depending on the size of the cup.

Melitta Purista

The Purista tank and bean container

Still in the purely structural register, the bean container of the Magnifica is larger than that of the Purista (300 grams against 125 g). This is also the case for the water tanks (1.8 liters against 1.2 liters). As is often the case with Delonghi, the latter has been placed on the right side and it is therefore the easiest to extract to fill it since you just have to pull it towards you. At Melitta, the water tank is placed on the left side, behind an irremovable part of the coffee machine and it is a bit more complicated to remove, without being insurmountable.

Melitta Purista

Physical dials and buttons on the Melitta Purista

As we have said, the models that face each other are offered at floor prices, which necessarily limits the on-board technologies. This is felt at the control panel: no color screen here, but diodes. The touch functions give way to wheels and physical buttons. “Fortunately”, it is not the drink offer that will complicate the handling of the coffee makers. Indeed, very far from the most sophisticated models which carry a good dozen different beverages, the Purista and the Magnifica only deliver one type of coffee; draw on this side.

Delonghi Magnifica

An unsophisticated control panel

Therefore, to go from a ristretto to a long coffee, you have to play with the wheel which varies the quantity of drink. Of course, purists will point out that a doppio is not prepared in the same way as an espresso and that the quantity of powder in the extraction block, the quantity of water which humidifies the cake in particular, play on the final result. It will be necessary here to adapt the intensity of the coffee and the level of grinding to achieve the desired result. For this last adjustment, the Magnifica has slight advantages since the control is located in the grain tank and it offers 7 levels. At Melitta, the slider is on the back of the coffee maker and has only 5 levels.

Due to its larger tanks, the presence of a steam nozzle and the more numerous and easier to adjust levels of fineness of grind, the Delonghi wins the first point hands down.

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