“He wears my clothes and looks better in them”

Being the child of famous parents is never easy, and if your mother’s name is Madonna, it can be even more difficult. Or just because it’s Madonna, it could be just the opposite. Still, the Queen of Pop knows how to keep things under control – otherwise she wouldn’t be the phenomenon she’s managed to become over the years.

The 64-year-old Madonna has 6 children, the youngest of whom are the 10-year-old twins Stella and Esther. As with the rest of everything around her, the pop icon does not hide her children, but only shows what she wants to see.

And although it seems that the singer’s eldest daughter, 25-year-old model Lourdes Leon, has followed in her mother’s footsteps for now, 17-year-old David Banda, who is not even her biological child, is emerging as a copy of her mother.

David is the first of a total of 4 children that Madonna adopted from the poor African country of Malawi. The child appeared in the family shortly before the end of Madonna’s marriage with director Guy Ritchie. They also have a biological son – Rocco.

When Madonna first saw the boy in an orphanage in the African country, he was suffering from pneumonia and malaria. His mother died shortly after his birth and the father was barely making ends meet and decided it was better for the child to leave him in a home.

Madonna decides to adopt him and meets both the father and the authorities. However, when this happens, the scandal begins.

“Every newspaper said that I kidnapped him. And I think – wait a minute, I’m trying to save him, why are you attacking me, I did everything according to the rules. I cried until I fell asleep,” says the singer, quoted by “People”.

The reason for the scandal is that the law in the African country requires prospective adoptive parents to have lived in the country for at least one year before. Madonna herself claimed to Oprah Winfrey that when she adopted David, there was no written law regulating the adoption of children from foreigners.

In the year she became David’s mother – 2006 – Madonna also founded a charity organization in the country – Raising Malawi, whose aim is to support mostly the orphaned children in the country, who are over 1 million – with educational and health programs. and by establishing schools.

For the next three children, the singer went through legal procedures – initially the court in her country refused to adopt her daughter Mercy – again because of the requirement to stay in Malawi, but Madonna won the appeal. With a court decision a few years later, the twins Stella and Esther became part of her family.

However, David is definitely showing that he has what it takes to follow in his mother’s footsteps. He sings, dances, plays football and even performs in the school theater as a cheerleader.

“David mostly has focus and determination. I’m sure he got it from me, he understands me and seems to have more of my DNA than any of my kids so far,” Madonna told Vogue a few years ago.

She never stops encouraging him, ever since he was little. Even on the occasion of his 12th birthday he called him “the future president of Malawi”. And now, at 16 years old, he already proudly wears his mother’s dresses.

“Whatever he wears, he’s going to look chic. It’s annoying — he wears my clothes and looks better in them,” his mother recently admitted on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Including if she’s wearing a dress, added Madonna.

Which she herself does not hide at all – David was the hero of more than one of her posts on Instagram, including in dresses. She definitely believes he has the talent and charm and predicts that in years to come he will also be a guest on Jimmy Fallon in his celebrity role.

Back in 2014, Madonna posed with David at the Grammy Awards. They were both in identical Ralph Lauren suits, and the son was in no way inferior to his mother. Banda most recently caught the eye when she appeared with her mother in an Adidas and Gucci tracksuit quite similar to one worn by Madonna herself years ago.

The singer also released a clip of David and his sister Estelle dancing in the kitchen at home wearing dresses.

Fashion is also a passion of Madonna’s eldest child – Lourdes Leon, who paraded at the last fashion week in Paris for Marine Serre. She has also represented Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty, as well as Burberry and Calvin Klein.

“They remind me how precious time is and how each child requires attention, care and guidance in a different way. And you really have to be ready for anything,” Madonna argued to NBC.

“They teach you to stop being self-obsessed. The more kids you have, the better you become at being a parent,” she added.

Something Madonna herself learned the hard way when she split from her son Rocco. After her divorce from his father Guy Ritchie, the issue of custody of the then 15-year-old reached the court, and Rocco himself refused to accompany his mother on tour and stayed in London with his father.

In the end, the legal battle ended with Guy and Madonna settling and Rocco remained in the UK.

Therefore, he is currently hiding behind the artistic pseudonym of the artist Rhed, who exhibits paintings in a gallery in London. His works have been described as expressionistic and compared to Banksy and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Still, it’s not easy being Madonna’s son.


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