He retired, but before that he strangled Conor, slapped Khabib and smoked a doping agent

Being a bad boy, especially in the UFC, might not be a big deal because in combat sports, everyone wants to have a fearsome image. But not Nate Diaz, who doesn’t need to play a role. Just because he really is a gangster.

The MMA middleweight legend stepped off the stage a few days ago at the age of 37 and hinted that he is staying in the business, but as a promoter. Before he did, however, he left one of the most iconic legacies in combat sports, and his tumultuous career earned him millions of fans around the world.


Or as the head of the UFC Dana White summarized – “A journalist called me and asked me to send him all the scandalous clips from Nate’s career. I told him that there is no way to count the grains of sand on the shore”.

Diaz is part of a formidable tandem along with his brother Nick, both of whom have been named the most influential relatives in the world of mixed martial arts. Not only because of the fact that they reach the championship titles, but also because of their impressive biography.

Dana White often finds it hard to contain the Stockton bad boy’s wild temper.

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They were born in Stockton, California, known for its criminal gangs. And from a young age, they receive school fees on the street.

“Shooting, drug dealing, car theft… This was everyday life in Stockton. But I say that not as a complaint, but as a point of pride. Because if I survived there, then there are no impossible things in the Octagon,” says Diaz.

Words that were proven in practice in 2016, when the Californian shocked the world of combat sports by inflicting first loss of the king Conor McGregor. At that – agreeing to a fight only 10 days before. When he accepted “on fire” to go up against the undefeated McGregor, many expected him to be destroyed.

Instead, the American won the bout by applying a chokehold technique.

Iconic moment – Diaz refuses McGregor.

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This led to a cult curiosity. Before the fight, UFC commentator John Anik was so convinced of McGregor’s strength that he stated that going to get a “209” tattoo (the Stockton code) to the body if Diaz can win the fight. That very evening he fulfilled his bet.

Of course, it goes without saying that Nate and Nick are legends in Stockton, and graffiti with their likenesses can be found on almost every street. And the reasons are not only their combat successes.

Nate has scandalized dozens of times with his behavior, and undoubtedly one of the most iconic cases is when he tried to smoke an employee of the anti-doping agency USADA with marijuana. The inspector comes to the athlete’s home and demands a urine sample.

Diaz responds in the best way possible. He is streaming live on social media standing on the couch smoking weed.

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