He hid in the bushes to avoid talking to Ceausescu

“She liked President Eisenhower. He also got along with Reagan, with whom they shared a passion – horses. He liked George W. Bush. She felt very comfortable in his company,” says Elizabeth II’s right-hand man Dickie Arbiter NOVA.

He is a long-time journalist until he receives an offer to become its spokesperson. During his 12 years in the palace – from 1988 to 2000, he has seen everything – from the fire in the castle “Windsor”, to the darkest days for the British monarchy – the death of the people’s princess – Diana.

According to him, Nelson Mandela was the only world leader who called the Queen by her name – Elizabeth. “She was a big fan of his. And he probably thought he was brave enough to call her by her first name. And the queen was not irritated. But there were others he could do without. He did not like Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania. He even hid once in the bushes in the garden because he and his wife had put their dog on the plane during an official visit and were walking it around Buckingham Palace. She hid in the bushes to avoid meeting them,” Arbiter recalled.

“She thought Boris Yeltsin was funny when he was sober. In general, she tried to get along with world leaders because that was her job,” he claims.


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