Harry refused to dine with Charles after stopping him from taking Meghan to the dying Queen

William can’t forgive his brother, claims expert

Mourning in the British royal family for Elizabeth II has not yet ended, and unflattering information has already begun to appear about the behavior of some of her heirs. The Sun newspaper revealed that her younger grandson Prince Harry refused to have dinner with his father and brother on September 8 when she died because he was so angry that he was not allowed to bring his wife Meghan to the Scottish residence of Her Majesty at Balmoral. Even while discussing the matter,

missed the flight from London for the next of kin

of the queen. It was urgently arranged by the palace after doctors gave Elizabeth II only hours to live. Her sons Andrew and Edward and grandson Prince William were traveling with him.

According to newspaper sources, King Charles III called his younger son on the phone and told him it was not appropriate to take Meghan to Balmoral. He had already been there with his wife Camilla and his sister Princess Anne, and had seen Elizabeth II alive. The others don’t make it, with Harry’s plane even landing in Scotland a few minutes after his grandmother’s death was officially announced.

When he arrives at her residence, he joins his uncles Andrew and Edward, but refuses the company of his father Charles and brother. The next morning he catches a return flight to London to be with Meghan, who is waiting for him at the house in Windsor that the Queen gave them.

The publication notes that despite Harry’s dismissive attitude towards his brother at Balmoral, William invited him two days later to appear with their wives in front of mourners who flocked to Windsor Castle. The appearance of the four was taken as a reconciliation between the two brothers. He has been feuding for 2 years after the younger’s decision to emigrate to the US with his wife Meghan, from where they made serious accusations against the royal family for lack of support.

According to Katie Nichell, who has authored a book about the family feud, Prince William is unlikely to ever forgive Harry for what he did. He just can’t do it because he thought that

his brother will be his assistant

in the difficult path of an heir to the throne, she explains. The death of the Queen found Meghan and Harry in London, where they had come to participate in their charity projects. They had initially announced they would not be dating William and his wife Kate, despite both couples living in houses in Windsor. They did it to honor the memory of their grandmother. So it is not clear whether peace has really been achieved between them, and a series of books with new revelations about the relations in the royal family is looming. Harry himself also writes his own.


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