Harry on Diana’s crash: I went through the tunnel at the same speed

Prince Harry had gone at the same speed through the tunnel in Paris where Diana died. He also asked to see the photos taken immediately after the crash. “I saw her body in the back, her blonde hair,” Harry said in an interview with American television ITV, excerpts of which were quoted in the German publication Focus.

Charles and Diana’s prodigal son tells journalist Tom Bradby how he coped with his mother’s death. The reason for the interview is the release of his autobiographical book “Reserve”. In it, he admits that he asked to see the photos and the secret government file on the fatal car crash in Paris.

“I saw the pictures, I saw her back and also her blonde hair. She was slumped over the back of the seat,” Harry recalled. Some of the more gruesome photos were removed from the folder. Today, Diana’s younger son says he’s grateful for that.

“At that point I was looking for evidence that this really happened, that it was true,” he says. He admits that he was numb to the news and needed to find something to hurt him, to snap him out of that numbness. “My body kind of shut down and said, ‘We don’t want this,'” he further recalled Harry.

The only time he cried was at Diana’s funeral. Then the prince was only 12 years old. He remembers his father, now King Charles III, telling him about the incident as he sat on his bed at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. “My dear boy, Mom has been in a car accident,” said Charles, a Harry awaited confirmation from him that Princess Diana was fine. His father only said, “she didn’t make it.”

“In the book I describe in detail how strange this event was and how guilty I felt. I think William felt guilty too as I walked around Kensington Palace, looking at the flowers left for our mother and shaking hands with people. We were supposed to smile and we suffered. Everyone thought they knew her. And the two closest people – the ones she loved the most – could not show any emotion,” he also says in his interview with ITV.

Later he watched the tapes of that day again. The prince also says that she and William were to walk behind Diana’s coffin in the procession for her funeral in London. “There was absolutely no way I was going to let William do it on his own. And there was absolutely no way he was going to let me do it on my own,” says Harry.

The hardest thing in his life is coming to terms with his mother’s death. Among other things, when he is 23 years old Harry passes through the same tunnel in which Diana died. He later told William and he admitted to him that he had done the same.

Harry has been removed from the guest list for Charles III’s coronation following salacious revelations in his autobiography “Reserved,” German publication Focus claims, citing secular chroniclers in Britain. According to them, the scandalous revelations that have been leaking into the public space in recent days do not sit well with the royal family and are likely to have consequences for the rebel prince.


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