Hamilton took the blame but refused to apologize to Alonso, who called him an “idiot”.

Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton are the #1 topic after the Belgian Grand Prix in Formula 1, which did not offer us much intrigue around the first place, which was unequivocally occupied by the champion Max Verstappen.

The two most experienced drivers on the starting grid, who over the years have been involved in not one or two scandals, even in their role as teammates, collided already in the first lap of the race.

Alonso hit Hamilton, causing the Briton’s car to go into the air and fly off the track. The seven-time champion was still able to return, but only for a few more turns, because due to his serious injuries, he had to stop his participation at “Spa”.

After such incidents, the initial reactions are usually quite emotional and mutual accusations begin, and the bad guys Alonso immediately shouted on the radio:

“What an idiot, shut my door from the outside. We had a great start but this guy only knows how to drive when he goes first”.

Hamilton was more reserved in his emotions in the immediate aftermath of the incident, and despite his visible anger, he admitted his mistake after the race.

Apparently reviewing the situation on the replay, Hamilton said he did not leave enough room for his rival, but refused to apologize in person after hearing him address him on the radio.

There was nothing intentional about the situation. I take my responsibility and that’s what mature people do.

I have no answer to Alonso’s words. I know that in such moments emotions run wild, but at least I now know what his opinion is about me. It’s good that the whole world already knows.

I was going to apologize to him in person, but I won’t after what I’ve heard. I didn’t leave room for him, he was in my blind spot and it’s my fault. I’m mostly sorry for my team.”

After the end of the race, there was also a short comment from Fernando Alonso, who, unlike his competitor, managed to finish the race, at that in the prestigious sixth place for “Alpin Renault”.

I was surprised that he took responsibility. He obviously saw a replay and realized his mistake, which is very nice of him.”shared the Spaniard.

Already in real time, the incident was reviewed by the control authorities, but it was determined as a competitive one and there were no sanctions.

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