Halvajian cuts! Is Vergov still working at “Kapkite”?

He not only retains all his theater roles and enters new film projects, but also remains on the jury of the Nova TV show “Like Two Drops of Water”. This is clear from an advertisement of the new season of the television, which has been on the air for the last few days.

The producer of “Drops” – Maggie Halvadzhiyan, is apparently one of the people who set out to rehabilitate Vergov after the scandal with Diana Dimitrova. Instead of throwing him out of his show to edify all men who assault women, he will most likely leave him on the jury for season 11, based on the idea that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

The Armenian had been trying to get the actor on his show for years. For a long time, however, he managed to convince him to participate only as a guest star. From the eighth season of the show until now, Vergov has been a permanent member of the jury in “Drops” and it is believed that it is he who enjoys the largest fan base, and accordingly attracts the most viewers to the show. Halvajian is unlikely to lose his star rating presence because of rumors that have not been proven in court.

After the scandal with Diana Dimitrova, which unfolded a month and a half ago, many people suspected that Vergov would be thrown out of all productions, especially key programs on major televisions, such as the show “Like Two Drops of Water” on Nova. However, as “Weekend” already wrote, the artistic guild stood behind the star, and so far none of his engagements have been dropped. Nova TV is already running an auto-advertisement of its programs for the upcoming spring season. It is clear from it that the “Drops” are back on the air, and Vergov’s face is seen several times in the car advertisement in question.

Of course, the footage is recorded from previous seasons, but the fact that the television included them in the advertisement shows that the bosses there have nothing against the participation of the actor involved in the scandal, who, despite everything, continues to be one of the most liked faces on the home stage.

Shortly before Christmas, he appeared in front of an audience in Hall 1 of the NDK as part of the actors in the “Poets” project. The hall applauded him wildly, which is another sign of the fans’ support for him. It seems that the other two permanent members of the jury in “The Drops” also remain. These are the singer Hilda Kazasyan and the mouthy bass player and businessman Dimitar Kovachev-Funky.


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