Half of Bulgaria drinks antibiotics without a prescription, they tighten the rules

Antibiotics are more difficult to buy, because currently 44% of Bulgarians take them without a prescription.

This request of the Bulgarian Medical Union was announced on Monday by the chairman of the professional organization, Dr. Ivan Madzharov.

Antibiotics should

to be dispensed from warehouses to pharmacies only with a prescription,

which has not been implemented so far. Thus, pharmacies will not be able to sell a single package without an open prescription, Madzharov explained.

The medical union presented a survey to Trend agency, according to which 55% of 1,003 respondents had heard that their relatives buy antibiotics without a prescription. They asked the class

complete electronicization of yellow and green prescriptions

The reason is that the medications that are prescribed with them can lead to addiction and must be given under strict control and their prescription monitored.

“These prescriptions must be 100% electronic, and with them it is very important to trace and transparent the path of who wrote the prescription, to whom it is written, where it was obtained and the method of its application”, said the vice-president of the estate d- b. Nikolay Brunzalov. For the rest of the drugs, however, doctors insist that they can be prescribed both on paper and on electronic prescriptions. They once again expressed their request to use both options in parallel, since the introduction of only an electronic prescription would make their work more difficult.

“The doctor cannot always issue an e-prescription 100% of the time. He must have freedom. The sudden introduction of only e-prescription will completely limit for some colleagues or partially their right to practice the profession. Doctors find themselves in all kinds of situations and they must be able to issue a prescription,” explained Brunzalov.

If ordinary prescriptions are necessarily only electronic, the quality of treatment in hospitals will also decrease, according to the deputy chairman of the BLS, Prof. Hristo Shivachev.

According to the class survey, both 90% of doctors and more than half of patients want to use both types of prescriptions. Madzharov recalled that

in all European countries with the exception of Estonia, both paper and electronic prescriptions exist

“Bulgarian patients should be treated like European patients”, the chairman of the BLS was categorical.

At the same time, the Minister of Health, Dr. Asen Medzhidiev, heard the requests of the jeeps and patients and proposed to keep the two options for prescribing medications. A few years ago, he proposed a change in the texts of Ordinance No. 4, which stipulated that from November 1, all medicines in Bulgaria should be prescribed only with an electronic prescription.

“This way the full access of the population to them will be ensured and guaranteed”, the department motivated the changes.


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