Haier multiplies the wash arms on its I-Pro Shine Serie 6 and 7 dishwashers

Between the shoe washing machine and the cartridge washing machine, Haier was able to present some more successful products on its stand during IFA 2022 in Berlin. We are thinking in particular of the dishwashers in the I-Pro Shine ranges, which benefit from innovations that are perhaps less disruptive but undoubtedly much more likely to arrive in our kitchens in the near future.

Indeed, Haier dishwashers are already a reality in France and, even if we have no release date, it is very likely that the 6 and 7 series appliances will be marketed within a few months. We can then take advantage of the H-Spray washing arm. As its name suggests, it takes the form of an H. The two rows of water jets must allow a more extensive distribution of the water in the tank. Other manufacturers use so-called planetary systems with a rotating part at the end of the main arm, as at Beko for example. There are also technologies based on powerful jets of water that strike a moving part that goes back and forth and redirects the water upwards. In addition to this H-Spray arm, there is a small sprinkler at the bottom of the tank, at the bottom, to wash very dirty dishes such as those used to prepare a gratin or lasagna.

H-Spray and heavy-duty wash arms.

Of course, two other washing arms are positioned between the two main baskets and in the upper part of the tank in order to wash the cutlery more efficiently. But since the abundance of goods does no harm, Haier placed a series of five rotating water jets on the cutlery basket. There are therefore a total of five arms (including one fixed) that take place in the tub of the I-Pro Shine dishwashers.

I-Pro Shine Series

The five “spinklers” of the cutlery basket.

Of course, you need a very efficient drying system to evacuate all this water. Certainly, we do not yet find zeolite (a volcanic stone that releases heat when it absorbs humidity) in Haier dishwashers, but the ventilation system is intended to be of the most efficient. In addition, at the end of the washing cycle, the appliance door opens to let in fresh air. A flow of air is created in the tank which will improve the drying of plastic utensils in particular.

We do not yet know the prices of the Haier I-Pro Shine Serie 6 and 7 dishwashers or their release date, but the latter should not be too far away.

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