Hackers disassembled voting machine to see if manipulation possible –

Top IT and cybersecurity experts gathered over the weekend at the annual DEF CON event in Las Vegas and tested whether it was possible to manipulate election results through voting machines.

In the US, there have been conspiracy theories for two years about the 2020 election, when Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump. They claim that the voting machines were hacked and Trump’s votes and election victory were stolen.

DEF CON, also called Hacker Summer Camp, is one of the largest and most prominent hacker conventions in the world, held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada.

CNN interviewed conventioneers asking if they had found evidence that voting machines could be rigged. “None” is the emphatic answer of Harry Hursty, a voting systems expert and organizer of a simulated “voting village” at the convention. According to him, the other experts who participated in the event came to the same conclusion. “We’ve always said that extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence,” he says.

Chris Krebs – an expert in cyber security and information infrastructure, emphasizes that every software has weak points. That is why security systems are being built to ensure that there will be no malicious interference. Krebs was in charge of election software security during the 2020 election and was later fired by Trump after speaking out against conspiracy theories.

Chris Krebs

Democracy’s most vulnerable point is the people… the human brain, the hacking of perception, says the expert.

His colleagues emphasize that the biggest challenge before the next elections is not the machines, but disinformation.

It’s sad that all the resources and energy that could be used for something useful are now being misused – summarizes Harry Hurst on the fight against misinformation and conspiracy theories.


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