Gub G81 Holder test: a simple, but impractical support for the bike

Ergonomics and installation

Minimalist in its approach, the Gub G81 is a support that attaches to the handlebars with a screw-in system. This type of device is therefore destined to remain permanently on the bike. Unscrewing the support each time would quickly become tedious. The G81 can fit 22.2, 25.4 and 31.8mm handlebars, the most popular sizes. This precision, however, makes this support much less suitable for exotic formats or mounting on the stem.

The manufacturer does not provide a flexible strip (rubber or otherwise) to prevent scratches of the metal support. Even the reducers for attaching the G81 to the smallest diameters are made of hard plastic. So be careful if you want to preserve the paint on your handlebar.

The smartphone cradle is screwed onto the handlebar attachment. This type of fixing is strongly discouraged on motorcycles and scooters. Indeed, the vibrations transmitted by the motor will quickly loosen the screws, which may cause significant damage to the phone. Several comments from buyers on Amazon also mention it.

On a bike, the mount is securely riveted to the handlebars, and even on bumpy trails, we never saw the mount spin on the handlebar. A blocking has a counterpart, since the orientation chosen at the time of placing the support cannot then be changed easily. The angle of the phone remains frozen.

The advantage of such a support also lies in its universal aspect. No need for a specific shell, the Gub support adapts to mobiles from 55 to 100 mm wide. This covers a large majority of existing smartphones. On the other hand, beware of very thick shells which reduce the effectiveness of the grip of the pliers.

Editor's Rating: 4 out of 5

Holding the smartphone

The metal that makes up the support is welcome for questions of rigidity and solidity. On the other hand, it is much less so when it comes to getting in touch with the telephone. Depending on the finish of the smartphone, care must be taken to protect it from any scratches.

Gub provides small self-adhesive pads to attach to the legs of the pliers. This limits the risk of damaging your smartphone, so much the better. To open the clamp, you have to unscrew the silver knob on the side. The reverse manipulation helps to tighten everything on the phone. A very impractical system if you want to quickly remove your phone from the support, to answer a call or to take a photo. The mobile, on the other hand, remains firmly in place in the face of an attempt to pull it out.

The legs of the clamp force you to aim well so as not to end up pressing a volume or lock key. Once the right position has been found, the tightening is very effective and the smartphone does not move a bit. Effective support even when riding on cobblestones.

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