GTA 6: despite a huge data leak, Rockstar assures that the development of the game continues “as planned”

Rockstar has decided to take things on the bright side. After the huge data leak on GTA VI that the editor suffered during the weekend, the company communicated. In a tweet published on September 19, 2022 (i.e. the day after the incident), Rockstar explains that the development of the title “will continue as planned [et] will surpass” public expectations.

No disturbance to be expected

In its press release, the publisher acknowledges the authenticity of the leak, which in any case was no longer really open to debate, explaining that “an unauthorized third party has illegally accessed confidential information and downloaded it from [ses] systems”. No mention is made of the source code of the game, Rockstar contenting itself with indicating that this intrusion into its systems only allowed the publication of development images of the next Grand Theft Auto.

Regarding the hacking method, the studio remains relatively discreet, simply indicating that “measures have already been taken to contain the incident”. Good news, no disruption to the services currently offered by Rockstar is expected, according to the company. It has therefore not been decided to close or limit access to GTA V Online. Such repercussions had indeed been envisaged because of the risks that the publication of the source code of the game could create. cheated. Don’t panic, says Rockstar.

The development of GTA VI keep on going

The company even goes so far as to say that this hack should not affect the game’s development schedule. In short, its release should not be delayed, although it is still not known exactly when. the latter will take place. No question of feeling sorry for oneself, therefore, even if the teams admit to being “extremely disappointed to have seen details about their next game shared like this”.

However, the case seems far from over, because the author of the hack would still like “make a deal” with Rockstar Games to prevent the publication of other content in its possession. No doubt Rockstar is currently trying to find the identity of the pirate. In 2004, after the release of the source code of Half Life 2, a hacker was arrested jumping out of bed. Will Rockstar employ such heavy-handed methods?

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