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And in distant Indonesia they learned that Greg Axelrod was facing a scandalous transfer to CSKA. A local media outlet ran a big story about the scandal after reaching out to Gregory Axelrod himself for comment.

“He takes a picture of himself at the Parc des Princes stadium wearing a PSG shirt and puts it in a fake CV. So Greg, who previously worked at McDonald’s, suddenly becomes a talented young Parisian, writes ” Match Telegraph”.

Axelrod has applied for trials at several Premier League clubs, including Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal. The Gunners even answer to Greg. Arsene Wenger’s assistant wrote to him that the club refused to take him on trial. Interestingly, several other Island clubs are offering Axelrod a trial period. Among them are Swindon Town, Bournemouth, Norwich City and Scotland’s Dundee United.

In 2009, Axelrod refused to move to a team from Luxembourg after receiving an offer from Bulgarian CSKA, which was then participating in the Champions League qualifiers. The club offered Axelrod a three-year contract with a monthly salary of up to 15 thousand pounds. Gregg’s scam almost succeeds, but PSG fans reveal that Axelrod was never part of the French giants and foil the transfer,” they wrote in Indonesia.

“I did two days of trials and on Sunday the CSKA coach told my agent he wanted us to sign,” Greg Menteto recalled.

“They took a photo of me wearing the official CSKA jersey, I signed the contract, and the club’s website published that I had signed. But it was the PSG fans who destroyed me.”

A CSKA supporter took to a PSG fan forum to ask: “We’re signing Greg Axelrod, what do you think of him?”.

“All the PSG fans say I have nothing to do with the club. Fans of both teams also check my website where there was also a real video – from my short stay at Swindon. Subsequently CSKA supporters who found out about the hoax got in touch with the journalists and the truth came out. I was quickly expelled from Bulgaria,” says Greg Menteto.

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