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With the aim of raising awareness of ecological issues, the international organization Greenpeace takes us into the future, in 2042, and makes politicians or media react to the more than catastrophic environmental news in a two-minute teaser.

With the agency 84.Paris, Greenpeace calls for ecology to be put at the heart of the presidential debates of 2022. The teaser proposed by the agency and the organization reveals images of an alarming report, in the manner of Netflix and major dramatic subjects, in which emblematic people from the political or media world, having been involved in the political life of the country during the 2022 presidential campaign, reflect on their actions… or rather their inactions.

Marine Le Pen, Cyril Hanouna, François Hollande, Pascal Praud, Valérie Pécresse, Emmanuel Macron… Asked about the inadequacy of their ecological commitments, they respond in front of the camera, thanks to deep fake technology which is based on AI, in any confidence and for the first time on their responsibility in the ecological crisis.

The dramatic and solemn teaser sensitizes the media as well as the public or the presidential candidates, to more commitment to ecology, and to denounce the climate inaction of all. Each personality, aged 20 years, returns to the lack of effectiveness of their campaign towards ecology, and to their regrets, in all honesty and full conscience.

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“While the climate emergency is one of the major concerns of the French population, this film makes it possible to point the finger at the irresponsibility of certain candidates who treat this subject lightly, without taking the measure of the transformations expected in our society. We invite Internet users to join Greenpeace to increase pressure on presidential candidates and the media so that climate and ecology are at the heart of the debates for the 2022 presidential election.says Jean-François Julliard, director general of Greenpeace France.

On its website, Greenpeace calls for mobilization to ” may 2022 not be the year of regrets! »

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